The Queen’s Award for Industry is perhaps the most visible evidence of Her Majesty’s interest in manufacturing.

Somewhat earlier and a good while before her accession she showed a deep interest in the Festival of Britain. This is some of what Princess Elizabeth said to the organising committee:

“I would therefore suggest to you, as you begin your work, the importance of setting the highest standards in everything you plan for 1951. The success of the Festival will depend on the courage and vision shown by those responsible for its organisation. I feel sure that they will never be content with what is second best….I hope, also, that in emphasising our achievements of the past and present you will stress no less sharply our responsibilities to the future. Then the Festival of Britain, 1951 may prove to be not simply an end in itself but a beginning of many good things.”

As is evident from the photograph of her visit to Norwich, she involved herself in the Festival as it reached the towns and cities of the nation.

I write more about the Festival in How Britain Shaped the Manufacturing World. I shall explore more of our late Queen’s relationship with British manufacturing in my next book.