Writing War on Wheels and Ordnance, I became more and more aware that the same names kept appearing. It chilled me to realise that these people had fought in not only one world war, but two. They are called the blighted generation, and rightly so.
I decided to explore the lives of such men and women who worked alongside my father in the RAOC (in WW1, the AOC). This book is the result of my exploration. It is more than that, because my mother left a remarkable record of my father’s war, scrap book after scrap book of newspaper cuttings, photographs, invitations, booklets and speeches. She also left diaries of overseas trips, written by her in her twenties when she’d never been further from her native Long Eaton than the War Office in London.

The image is of Betty and Bill on their first trip to the USA with the chief of Chrysler.